“What Participants Are Saying”

It was enlightening to learn about the topic “willpower” and especially through the way Marco delivers it. Marco has a sense of humour that makes people participate.
Joy Reyes
Estimator, Igloo Construction
Very educational 60 minutes! It was an awesome session.
Abdullah Serbout
Driver/Guide, Brewster Transportation
Marco’s talk was a life-changing lecture indeed. I have lived a difficult past, I have been struggling with depression for over half my life. This year I’ve come to terms with it and wish to overcome the stress but didn’t quite know how. Marco’s talk will be a great start for my journey! I will share my experience with my loved ones. Thank you!
Rachael Li
I wasn’t too sure what Marco’s presentation was going to be about; but I was pleasantly surprised. My willpower with food has been ongoing my whole life, something I watch my parents deal with to this day. I’m excited to teach my loved ones what Marco taught me this evening.
Senem Irwin
Marco’s presentation was very informative. Marco is an engaging speaker and helped us to understand strategies to help manage our self-control.
Shelley Leech-Logelin
I have attended Marco's presentations a few times now. There are speakers you want to see only once and there are speakers you want to see and listen to over and over again for very apparent reasons; 1) great topic, 2) relative, 3) timely, 4) direct to the core, 5) very informative and last but certainly the most important is ENGAGING. These are the attributes I found in Marco from the first day I heard him speak. This is why I kept attending his presentations. From the time he starts, you do not want to blink and not to miss anything of what he will say. As past president, of a professional association in Calgary, I was responsible for choosing a speaker to present at our professional development workshop (PDW) with the six attributes that make you want to come back. Marco never failed. Not only did he present topics that are relevant, he also worked closely with me and the executive board members, to come up with the best title and tagline for our PDW. Something not many speakers will do. Now that I've moved to the National Vice President and Members-At-Large Liaison position, I will certainly recommend Marco to speak at our future conferences in the national level. I can't thank Marco enough for what he has given and shared to our members in Calgary. Marco became the talk of Admins even long after they heard him speak. Now it's time for me to endorse Marco nationally. I can't wait for the next opportunity to hear Marco speak.
Evelyn Serbout
National Vice President and Member-At-large Liaison, Association of Administrative Professionals

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