“Experiencing ourselves in a perfect state of performance results when we bring the best out in each other”

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The Moment of Choice: Finding courage when it matters most

We all face times when life is hard. Our challenges can keep growing to the point where it feels like there is no end in sight. In these moments a choice that seems so insignificant can be the choice that shifts your life for the better. In this session Marco shares how Small Acts of Courage – simple everyday actions– can be transformational. At the end of this session, audience members will leave feeling inspired, empowered and ready for action.

Available as a 30, 45 or 60 minute session

Breakouts and Workshops

Leading Transformation: Inspiration, performance and impact through values in action

Character Strengths have the power to transform. A strengths based approach can help influencers draw out what they, and others do well for better decisions, goal setting and productivity. In this session leaders will develop a better understanding of their own personal strengths, how to spot strengths in others, and identify new ways to use signature strengths. Participants will come away with evidenced based leadership tools that draw out individual and team potential, improve productivity, strengthen relationships, and shape change for the better. 

Rising to the Challenge: How to perform better under pressure

Everyone has moments where the “have to get it right”. Tough negotiations, important client meetings, running a business and challenging economic times bring very real consequences to the forefront. In these situations some people thrive, some falter and some flat out crack. The only difference between success and failure is how we respond to the stress of the moment. In this research based session, Marco helps participants understand how pressure and perfectionism negatively impact our wellbeing and performance, change their mind about stress, avoid turning high importance situations into high pressure situations, target the zone of high standards, and harness character strengths to overcome pressure and be at your best.

Inside Your Mind: Skills and strategies for better decisions

“I know better, why did I still do that?” If we know better why do we keep doing what we do, especially when there are better options? Inside Your Mind shows you how the mind works, what drives decision making and how to maximize strategies for better choices everyday.

Mastering Willpower: How to change habits for better life and health success

Lack of willpower is said to be the biggest barrier to making better personal choices. But is willpower really the issue? Scientists have made interesting discoveries on how willpower, change, and habits work. In this informative and engaging presentation you will learn about the facts about habits, willpower and self-control; why focusing on willpower may actually be doing more harm than good; why good health is VITAL for resisting temptations and creating success; and a simple plan to build new habits and overcome a “lack of willpower”.

The Success Equation: How to create a satisfying life

Creating success takes more than just having a positive attitude. There is a simple but effective formula that can make it achievable, and even under the most challenging circumstances. In fact, that’s when it works best. Through the Success Equation, Marco shows you how harness three fundamental principles to make thriving a lifetime habit. Participants will learn how to design and pursue meaningful short and long term goals, foster an attitude of personal accountability, resiliency and personal empowerment. Everyone has the ability to realize their potential. Learn how.

Workshops and breakouts are available as a 45 to 60-minute, half or full-day sessions

The Benefit


Leaders and influencers need to stay sharp, focused, handle stress and avoid burnout. They also need to inspire change and action. Marco provides concepts that follow the 3 Easy’s: Easy to Implement, Easy to Adapt, and Easy to Engage with Others. The result leaves you with strategies that have a lasting impact on how effective you are at work and home.


Too often people who work in care based services like education; healthcare; human resources; administration; health, environment and safety; emergency services; and recreation, put their needs and well-being after the needs of others. You matter.  Marco’s research based sessions don’t just educate on the importance of self-care and self-compassion, they teach you how to prioritize where everyone wins, including you.


For teams in the public and private sectors, group dynamics are vital to productivity, engagement, employee happiness, work/life satisfaction, and sustainability. Marco’s draws on his 19-year background in coaching and facilitation, education, and experience in corporate health and productivity to help teams harness social connections to perform better.

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